Crown Necklace

This piece of jewelry is rare, but in south-eastern Yemen, brides would wear it upon their foreheads. It is comprised of two snake-like (ḥanīšah) chains clasped together by plates bearing pendants. Ḥanīšah chains were part of the decorations worn on the conical-shaped hood, the qarqūš, worn by the Jews of Ṣanʻā’.

Amulet Cartridge

The cylindrical amulet case was common in Yemen, transcending religion, age and gender. The diversity in style is great, both, in terms of size and decorations, and in the various ways in which they were worn upon necklaces (daqah, kešaḥ, lāzim, mašḥeṭah, ṭūq, et al.).  Its magical powers are great, even if hadn’t contained a magical formula written upon parchment or slip of paper.

Pearl Necklace

The Pearl Necklace was one of the more splendid items of jewellery worn by the Jewish bride of Ṣanʻā’.

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